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I’ve used the “well, how do you know? Have you TRIED it?”

I’ve also used that “well, it’s not real sex, you know?”

The last one, I was at a party and this guy started getting aggro about me being gay. He gets on my nerves for the last time so I just lean in, and go, “you know, I just don’t know how straight people do it. I mean, it’s not REAL sex.” And the guy goes “What?!”

And I just go, “well yeah. In real sex, nobody has to fake coming.”

I’ve never seen someone shut their mouth so quickly in my life. It was like watching a mantis shrimp.

Lo volveré a poner el 12 de octubre, pero hoy (mañana) es una fecha especial para muchxs mexicanos.

 ¿De cuál independencia hablamos?

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Then introduce a deadly disease to their family

don’t forget raping all females living there and forcing your religious beliefs into everyone.


Then introduce a deadly disease to their family

don’t forget raping all females living there and forcing your religious beliefs into everyone.

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Saying that contraception leads to more abortions is like saying seat belts causes more injuries in vehicle accidents.

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The Language of Possession 


The possession of bodies is a trickle-down, systemic problem that has rendered much of our population with what amounts to, and arguably is, PTSD. Brown bodies have been possessed by white bodies. Female bodies possessed by male bodies. Brown female bodies possessed by all other bodies combined. I’m speaking of course in the obvious way of the once-legal actual ownership of others’ bodies—but also the latent way in which this possessiveness is rooted in our language. In our body language. In the way our mouths shape the words. Damn well into the enamel of our own teeth.

In the wake of the Ray Rice domestic violence case—while Ferguson still smolders in the very present distance—I am astonished by the enormity of this possession problem. As one who, like many, surrounds herself with seemingly like-minded individuals, it astounds me that in countless Facebook comments/Tweets/Tumbl’s/Instagrams and barroom/water cooler/grocery line conversations I’ve read or witnessed over the last five weeks, people’s typically carefully hidden hate is showing. It’s extensively documented. Just last week, Mychal Denzel Smith here at Feministing addressed the notion of hating women, and there is wide-scale examination of the palpable hatred of black and brown men by white police throughout media revisited since the heinous murder of Michael Brown.

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Fake "Clinic" Cons 17-Year-Old Girl 


An Indiana mother recently accompanied her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend to one of Indiana’s Planned Parenthood clinics, but they unwittingly walked into a so-called “crisis pregnancy center” run by an anti-abortion group, one that shared a parking lot with the real Planned Parenthood clinic and was designed expressly to lure Planned Parenthood patients and deceive them.

The group took down the girl’s confidential personal information and told her to come back for her appointment, which they said would be in their “other office” (the real Planned Parenthood office nearby). When she arrived for her appointment, not only did the Planned Parenthood staff have no record of her, but the police were there. The “crisis pregnancy center” had called them, claiming that a minor was being forced to have an abortion against her will.

The “crisis pregnancy center” staff then proceeded to wage a campaign of intimidation and harassment over the following days, showing up at the girl’s home and calling her father’s workplace. Planned Parenthood’s clinic director reports that the girl was “scared to death to leave her house.”They even went to her school and urged classmates to pressure her not to have an abortion.

The anti-choice movement is setting up these “crisis pregnancy centers” across the country. Some of them have neutral-sounding names and run ads that falsely promise the full range of reproductive health services, but they dispense anti-choice propaganda and intimidation instead. And according to a recent article in The New York Times, there are currently more of these centers in the U.S. than there are actual abortion providers. What’s more, these centers have received $60 million in government grants. They’re being funded by our tax dollars.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund, 24 April 2006

[Emphasis mine. Hear that folks? We are funding terrorists with our tax dollars. The fact that this is legal is absolutely mind-blowing. And when we dare complain, they cry about how they’re being persecuted and censored unfairly, and we’re infringing on their freedom of speech. No, just no. This should not be fucking allowed.]

ETA: Some people in the notes were wondering about the veracity of this story so I found the original source (the citation above was all that was given at the website I got this from). Here’s some more quotes from the original story:

We [Planned Parenthood] have obtained permission to share some of the remarks the patient and her family wrote soon after their encounter with the CPC.

"I have been getting phone calls [from the CPC volunteer] at home and on my cell phone, and they came to my work… saying ‘we will come get you and throw you in a car and take you to a place that is safe.’  I made my decision [to have an abortion].  Even though I had talked to [the CPC person] before, she has no right to be giving out information about me [and my family].  They need to quit harassing me and my family and loved ones.  They have come to my home banging on my door and non-stop calling me.  I have heard racial comments about my boyfriend [and me].  They keep yelling my name, my mother’s, and my boyfriend’s.  They have no right giving out my information, and they need to respect my and my boyfriend’s decision. … They are trying to trap me but this is my decision and no person has forced me and I would like them to stop harassing me, my family, my boyfriend, and my work."

Her mother added:

"These people have given [our personal contact] information to someone at [my daughter’s] school.  Now it seems even the students know certain things and are giving my daughter and her boyfriend a hard time as well.  Also, the faculty has heard things, too.  These people [the CPC personnel] have been standing outside Planned Parenthood yelling obscenities at all who enter.  My daughter’s, her boyfriend’s, and my name have been yelled out for all to hear."

ETA #2: You might also be interested in this post I did awhile ago on more recent investigations of CPCs and their deceptive tactics.

Denying a teenage girl her bodily and mental autonomy, harassing herself, her family and friends, stalking her, sharing her private contact information, making racist comments, threatening to kidnap her, and using intimidation and manipulation to force their beliefs on those who disagree. This is the anti-abortion movement when you give it money and power.  How very “”“pro-life”“”.

This has nothing to do with ‘pro-life’ and everything to do with ‘anti-women’ 

Los mestizos forman el contingente de indios desindianizados.

 - Guillermo Bonfil Batalla: México profundo.Una civilización negada.
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The huge amount of pressure on young girls to let their boyfriends get away with everything and not to stand up for themselves, lest they stop being a ‘chill girlfriend’ and instead become a horrible, controlling harpy is such bullshit.

Stop teaching young girls that demanding to be treated with respect and courtesy makes them shrill, over-emotional, or unworthy of listening to.


Sperm attacked by woman’s immune system - Inside the Human Body: Creation - BBC One